Happy Easter!


But back to today. Happy Easter everyone! If you’re a runner, Easter Sunday usually means doing a long run early and then pigging out on ham, baked goods and chocolate bunnies the rest of the day. Or is that just me?

I’m super psyched for our team BRUNCH at the Electric Station this afternoon. Rinker keeps calling it dinner, but who has dinner at 2 pm? No sir, that is brunch. And I want a waffle bar!

Anyway, I hope you all got to check out the Oregon Relays this weekend because there were some great performances! One Friday night, Sally got the ball rolling in the 1500, running 4:06. The FASTEST time in the WORLD this year!!!! By herself. Incredible. She obviously has a very exciting season coming up! Jordan McNamara ran the men’s 1500, taking second with an incredible kick.

After the 1500s, Bridget, Julia and I ran the 5k. Julia took it out for us, which wasn’t easy in that wind, but did a great job. It was Julia’s first time racing since 2009? Welcome back Julia! She was just a pacer this time, but it was a good tune up for the rest of the season. I stepped off the track with three laps to go. Long story…here’s the short version: I’m going through a rough time. And as Coach Row said, I gotta “get my shit together.” It happens. Enough said.

Bridget, on the other hand, ran strong and finished second to Brie Felnagle. I can’t wait to see Bridget get after it in the Steeple! Seth ran the men’s 5k, finishing in 13:57. That was his first race in two years!! Not a bad opener, I’d say.

On Saturday, Geena and Tyler both won the 800 with ease. Geena ran 2:02.04, which is the fastest time in the country and 4th in the world this season so far. And you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Tyler ran 1:47.75 looking super smooth! He was dead last for the first lap, and then passed the entire field on the back stretch of the second lap before cruising it in to the finish. Nicely done Tyler!

Pifer finished it up for us on Saturday, running the 3,000-meter steeplechase and finishing second. It was his first time running the full distance (his steeple debut was at the Oregon Preview which was only 2k). His technique continues to improve, so it’ll be fun to watch him progress in this event throughout the season.

So overall, a great start to the season for OTC. Check back Thursday to see what’s on tap for next weekend. Laters!

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